Papers 2013


Ambarwati, Lasmini - Empirical Analysis to Estimate the Interaction of Heterogeneous Traffic Flow paper
Araghi, Yashar - Biofuels: A Key Factor for Sustainability of Airline Industry paper
Bouman, Paul - Detecting Time Interval Patterns from Smart Card Data paper
Brands, Ties - Multi-Objective, Multi-Modal Transportation Network Design: Robustness Analysis paper
Calvert, Simeon - Core Probability Model: Efficient Sensitivity Modelling abstract
Gharehgozli, Amir - Developing New Methods for Efficient Container Stacking Operations paper
Goñi Ros, Bernat -  Modeling Driving Behavior and Traffic Flow at Sags paper
Ithnan, M. Izzudin - Aircraft Taxiing Strategy Optimization paper
Kasraian, Dena - Interaction of Transport Infrastructure and Urbanisation in the Netherlands: A Historical Review paper
Khademi, Elaheh - Temporal Effects in Adaptations of Daily Commuter Trip Choices in Response to Reward Scheme: A Panel Effects Mixed Logit Model Allowing for Covariance between Adaptation Strategies paper
Liu, Shuai - Traffic Flow and Emission Control Based on FASTLANE and the Multi-Class VT paper
Rhasbudin Shah, Shahreena - Driver Heterogeneity in Rubbernecking Behaviour at an Incident Site paper
Psarra, Ifigenia - Modeling the Evolution of Dynamics in Activity-Travel Behavior: Results of Numerical Simulations paper
Risto, Malte - Factors Influencing Compliance to Tactical Driver Advice: An Assessment Using a Think-Aloud Protocol paper
Saeedi, Hamid - An exploration of the inland terminal market in the EU paper
Scharpff, Joris - Planning under Uncertainty for Coordinating Infrastructural Maintenance paper
Sharmeen, Fariya - Modeling the Long Term Dynamics of Mode Choice and Duration of Social and Recreational Activities paper
Tasseron, Geert - Improving Urban Parking Through Better Information: The Potential Impact of Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication paper
Wagenaar, Joris - Maintenance in the Rolling Stock Rescheduling Model paper
Yang, Dujuan - The Effects of Fuel Price on Dynamics of Activity-Travel Repertoires: Results of Heckman’s Two Stage Probit Regression Model Using GPS Data paper
Zaerpour, Nima - A Next Generation Container Port paper


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