Abstracts/Posters Congress 2010

Session Sustainability

Berry Blijie The Impact of Accessibility on Residential Choice Abstract    
Kirsten Duivenvoorden Improving Intersection Safety Abstract    
Nicole Huijts Understanding the Public Acceptance of Hydrogen Technologies in Transport… Abstract    
Jan Kwakkel Grappling with Uncertainty in the Long-term Development of Infrastructures… Abstract    
Sara Levy Governing for Intergration Abstract    
Xin Lin an Approach to Designing Environmentfriendly Networks Abstract    
Ruihua Lu Does The Provision of ICT Tools Encourage Employees to Work Away… Abstract    
Ruihua Lu Modelling Accessibility in the Age of Information and Communication… Abstract    
Mohamed Mahmod Using Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication to Reduce Traffic… Abstract    
Niek Mouter Evaluation of Reference Cases in CBA Abstract    
Jan Willem van der Pas Policymaking for Transport Innovations Abstract    
Nina Schaap Driving with Varying Secondary Task Levels Abstract    
Sven Vlassenroot What Drives People’s Choice in Speed Support? Abstract    
Diana Vonk Noordegraaf A Delphi Study Into Vehicle Positioning Technologies … Abstract    
Jaap Vreeswijk User Acceptability in Traffic Network Management Abstract  Poster  
Meng Wang Impacts of Reducing Freeway Shockwaves on Fuel Consumption… Abstract    
Yubin Wang The Scenario Coordination Module for the Municipality of Amsterdam… Abstract Poster  
Luc Wismans Optimization of Externalities Using DTM Measures Abstract Poster  

Session Modeling

Nilesh AnandA Situated Multi-Agent System for Urban Freight in the Randstad Abstract Poster  
Monique van den BergPractical Applications for Theoretical Results Abstract Poster  
Kobe BoussauwA Residential Location Model Based on Characteristics … Abstract Poster  
Mario CampanellaIdentifying Pedestrian Interaction in Crowds Abstract Poster  
Rafael Carmona-BenítezA Mathematical Model to Predict the US Airlines Operation… Abstract Poster  
Chao ChenThe Effect of Time Pressure on Travellers’ Activity-Travel Decision-Making Abstract Poster  
Francesco CormanBi-Objective Conflict Detection and Resolution Abstract    
Ruben CorthoutMacroscopic Intersection Modelling in Simuation-Based Dynamic… Abstract    
Mohsen DavarynejadFreeway Traffic Control Using Q-Learning Abstract Poster  
Tamara DjukicBenchmark Framework for Sensitivity Analysis of Dynamic od Demand… Abstract Poster  
Cornelis van DorsserA Very Long Term Forecast for the Development of the Cargo Flows Abstract Poster  
Rodric FredixHow Important is Capturing Congestion Dynamics in Dynamic Od Estimation Abstract    
Raymond HoogendoornLongitudinal Driving Behavior Under Adverse Weather… Abstract Poster  
Jie LieLoop Detector Error and Its Impacts on Traffic Control Scheme Abstract    
Yinyi MaEstimation of Dynamic Traffic Densities for Official Statistics Based … Abstract Poster  
Giselle de Moraes RamosTowards a Better Understanding of the Reference Point … Abstract    
Anthony OhazulikeMulti-Objective Road Pricing Abstract Poster  
Adam PelDynamic Equilibrium Assignment Convergence By En-Route Flow Smooting Abstract Poster  
Ary SamsuraA Game Theoretical Approach to Analysis of Value Capturing Implementation Abstract Poster  
Thomas SchreiterThe Cell Transmission Model With Capacity Drop Abstract Poster  
Erik-Sander SmitsInnovative Transport Pricing Deriving the Optimal Pricing Scheme Abstract Poster  
Femke van Wageningen-KesselsNumerical Diffusion in Traffic Flow Simulations Abstract Poster  
Leonie WaltaThe Heterogeneity of Actor Interactions in the Deployment of Advanced… Abstract    
Yufei YuanA New Lagrangian Traffic State Estimator for Freeway Networks Abstract Poster  
Fangfang ZhengEstimating Urban Travel Time Distribution Using Probe Vehicle Data Abstract    

Session Design

Ties Brands & Gijs van Eck Mulitmodal Network Design and Assessment Abstract Poster  
Wouter Charle A Method to Quantify Network Observability Using Link and Route … Abstract Poster  
Zhe Cong Ant Colony Optimalization for Traffic Dispersion Routing Abstract    
Igor Davydenko Approaches to Logistics Choice Modelling in Aggregate Goods Flow Abstract Poster  
Amir Gharehgozli Minimizing the Makespan of Container Storage and Retrieval… Abstract Poster  
Olga Huibregtse Blocking Roads to Raise the Efficiency of An Evacuation Abstract    
Evelien van der Hurk Using Smart Card Data for Better Disruption Management … Abstract    
Allert Knapper Three Ways of Observing Drivers Using Navigation Systems Abstract Poster  
Sjoerd Mevissen Acute Evacuation Abstract    
Malte Risto Introduction to the Connected Cruise Control and Related Human Factors… Abstract    
Wouter Schakel Connected Cruise Control Abstract Poster  
Maaike Snelder Algorith for Designing Robust Road Networks Abstract Poster  
Daniel Sparing Evaluation of Multi-modal Timetable Synchronization in the Randstad Abstract Poster  
Poonam Tenaja Innovation in Port Infrastructure Design Abstract Poster  
Lucas Veelenturf Passenger Oriented Rolling Stock Rescheduling Abstract Poster  
Mi-Rong Wu Impact of Future Sustainability Certification Systems on the Design … Abstract    
Nima Zaerpour Optimal Configuration in a Puzzle-Based Compact Storage System Abstract Poster  
Min Zhang Rail Freight Service Business Model Development Abstract Poster  
Mo Zhang Review on Regional Freight Transport Network Design Abstract Poster  


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