Papers & Posters 2012

Papers & Posters 2012

A. Network and Facility Design
B. Governance
C. Supply Chain
D. Resilience, Safety and Security
E. Behavioural Aspects

A. Network and Facility Design

Niek Baer - The multi-threshold queue - an innovative track model Abstract
Ties Brands - Multi-objective optimization of multimodal transportation networks Paper
Mario Campanella - A methodology to calibrate pedestrian walker models using multiple objectives Paper
Tamara Djukic - Efficient real time OD matrix estimation based on principal component analysis Paper
Dorine Duives Poster
Stefano Fazi - Optimal scheduling for the inland transport of containers: facing the trade-off of costs, efficiency and sustainability Abstract
Anna Franceschetti Poster
Bernat Goni Ros Poster
Mahtab Joueiai Poster
Baoxiang Li Poster
Le Li - Modeling intermodal transport networks - a general framework Paper
Anthony Ohazulike - Analytical Model of Route-Based Pricing for Time Dependent Traffic Assignment Paper
Joris Scharpff - Dynamic mechanism design for efficient planning under uncertainty Paper
Kristina Sharypova - Scheduled service network design with synchronization and transshipment constraints for intermodal container transportation networks Abstract
Daniel Sparing - Identifying effective guaranteed connections in a multimodal network Paper
Maryam Staedie Saefi Poster
Guus Tamminga - Representing the road infrastructure in Open Traffic Paper
Duygu Tas - Vehicle routing with soft time windows and stochastic travel times: a column generation.. Abstract
Geert Tasseron Poster
Teus van Vianen - Stockyard dimensioning for dry bulk terminals Paper
Wageningen-Kessels, van/Schreiter/Yuan - Fastlane traffic flow modeling and multi-class dynamic traffic management

 B. Governance

Lasmini Ambarwati Poster
Yashar Araghi - Examining consumer preferences on environmental policies designed for sustainable airline Paper
Paul Bouman - Recognizing demand patterns from smart card data for agent-based micro-simulation of public transport Paper
Nicole Huijts - Explaining intentions to act in favor of or against a local hydrogen refueling facility: a structural equation model based on the technology acceptance framework Paper
Niek Mouter - Intercoder reliability for qualitative research
You win some, but do you lose some as well?
Erik-Sander Smits - Modeling transport pricing with multiple stakeholders Paper
William Sierzchula - The influence of technology specific and economy wide policies on the adoption of a radical eco-innovation: a case study of the introduction of electric vehicles Paper
Panagiotis Ypsilantis Poster

C. Supply Chain

Samaneh Bagheri Poster
Sina Behfard Poster
Hande Cetinay - Value of Reverse Factoring (RF) in multi-stage supply chains Abstract
Sameh Haneyah - A generic material flow control model applied in two industrial sectors Abstract
Pavle Kecman - Process mining approach for recovery of realized train paths and route conflict identification  
Nikky Kortbeek - Quality-driven efficiency in healthcare – Integrally redesigning inpatient Abstract
Shalini Kurapti Poster
Chiel van Oosterom - Optimal maintenance policies for a markovian deteriorating system with population heterogeneity Abstract
Hamid Saeedi Poster
Lydie Smets - Controlling Collaborative New Product Development Abstract
Rob Vanwersch - Methodological support for business process redesign in healthcare: towards a comprehensive framework Abstract
Kasper van der Vliet Poster
Maximiliano Udenio - Orders, inventories, and stability: using control theory to quantify behavior and the.. Abstract
Roberto Uquilas Poster
J. Xin - Optimal control for coordination of equipment in automated container terminals Paper

D. Resilience, Safety and Security

Nicolas Besinovic Poster
Kirsten Duivenvoorden - An interview study among road authorities Paper
Evelien vd Hurk - Passenger flows in disruption management: a dynamic forecast model Paper
Allert Knapper - Driver distraction from some theoretical perspectives Paper
Derya Sever - Dynamic shortest path problem with stochastic disruptions Abstract
Joris Wagenaar Poster
Meng Wang - Modelling driver assitance systems by optimal control Paper

E. Behavioural Aspects

Mignon van den Berg Poster
Paul Bouman Poster
Sharon Dolmans - The value of inventor status Abstract
Ramon Landman - Network wide service level-oriented route guidance in road traffic networks… Paper
Jing Li - Competitive cross-channel effects due to the introduction of a new online channel Abstract
Egon Luftenegger - The service dominant strategy canvas Abstract
Zack Lu - The effects of different forms of ICT on accessibility – a behavioural model  
Giselle Moraes Ramos - Commuters and traffic information: a revealed preference study on route choice behavior Paper
Malte Risto - Improving traffic flow on motorways through individual driver advice: a social dilemma?  Paper
Wouter Schakel - An urban traffic extension of a freeway driver model for use in the OpenTraffic® open source traffic simulation Paper
Regien Sumo Poster
Yaqing Shu Poster


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